10 Reasons Why We Implement The Whittaker Comprehensive Planned Approach
  1. Environmentally Preferred — Improved cleaning means better indoor air quality and lower microbial activity. Uses 30 times less water than many wet cleaning methods to exceed water conservation standards outlined by the U.S. Green Building Council.
  2. Fast Dry Time – Unlike water extraction cleaning methods, our low-moisture LOMAC™ system allows carpets to be walked on in just 20 minutes.
  3. Manufacturer Approved – All Whittaker products are approved for stain-resistant fibers, and select products are safe on wool (Woolsafe™).
  4. Ease of Operation – Intuitive system design means anyone can achieve error-free results without special skills or training, with no more time or effort than operating a vacuum. All chemicals are numbered and color-coded.
  5. No Chemical Residue – Special “green” formulations use a non-hazardous chemical, which means no residue or special handling. Formulations are also phosphate and butyl free.
  6. Cost Savings — LOMACâ„¢ is the most cost-effective interim maintenance system on the market, reducing labor by more than 50 percent and significantly extending carpet life.
  7. Pile Lifting – The LOMAC™ process lifts pile while it cleans, for optimal scheduled vacuuming and improved appearance. Conversely, bonnets flatten the pile and create additional chemical and water usage during laundry cycles.
  8. Convenient Packaging – All Crystal Dry® solutions are pre-measured for easy mixing, portion control, and consistent results.
  9. No Reappearing Spots – By eliminating sticky soils and residue, dirt has nothing to cling to so spots will not reappear. Stop wasting time, energy, and money on over-cleaning.
  10. Brighter and Cleaner Carpets – Our revolutionary LOMAC™ crystal encapsulation technology absorbs soil as it dries to recover a “true clean.”